The Crew

The crew you're looking for.Drinking and coding

A ship can’t sail without its crew. And our crew is a bunch of knowledgeable, experienced, media-hustlin’ executives, strategists, designers, and developers. We’re all in this together. If you’re not on board, feel free to get off at the next port. (We’ll miss you at Happy Hour.)

By The Numbers


1,293 Hours

Controlling the Sonos is a serious responsibility at VSSL. Last year we logged 2.5 seconds of Taylor Swift but don’t worry—we’ll get it to 0.



Our lifeline, especially while we’re remote. Keep an eye out for giphy-off challenges, best memes, design inspiration and lunch polls.



We’re small but mighty. A crew of talented and diverse members. Nothing gets in the way of us delivering high-caliber work for our clients when we work together.

Office Dogs


No ship is complete without its dogs. We have 12—and a dog-friendly office. You can’t have a bad day when there’s a dog around.

Website Visits

19.5 Million

Digital is our domain—websites are our bread and butter. Nearly 20 million visits on sites we’ve built in 2020? We’ll drink to that!

Website Hits

759 Million

We build websites that keep bringing customers back. Cumulatively, our clients received over 750 million hits in 2020.

Beers Consumed


That’s nothing. That’s just from happy hours. We have whatever you’re drinking in our stocked fridge, including the coveted VSSL beers.


A good ship needs a good captain. And VSSL has two. With a combined 40 years of experience in digital marketing (mostly because Dave is so old), our leadership team knows a thing or two about steering a ship in the right direction. (No, seriously. Check out Dave’s boat.)

Tim Peacock


Dave Tillson


Collaboration. What a buzz word.Whats that Stephen King movie about a dog?Remote life we never knew.Cali has way too many of these.
Client Management

At VSSL, we know that our clients are what make this entire operation work. Our marketing account managers are what holds the fleet together. They’re strategists, task masters, planners, and just awesome people to work with. They also add a lot to our office dog quota.

Marketing Operations & Demand Generation

Our Marketing Operations & Demand Generation teams help you to take command of your digital marketing plan. They create tactics and implementation strategies to raise the flags and get your brand noticed.


A ship can look great on the surface but if there are holes below deck, you’re a shipwreck. Our crew uses the latest development technologies to bolster your digital experiences, keeping your brand leading the fleet.

Don't be a nerd. Nerd.Spiccoli?Wood carving is a hipster's favorite trendSkeleton key

Our creative crew doesn’t just “make things pretty” (or gritty). They are designers, photographers, developers, and painters that build visual strategies to hoist your brand and sink your competition with culturally relevant, user-friendly content.


Gene is what keeps our finances on course, helping us to optimize performance and stay within target budgets. He’s not just a barnacle counter. He knows how to make a business (and ship) sail smoothly. And yes, his business card does say “Handler of the Booty.”

Ghost Crew

Behind the day-to-day crew, we have a ghost crew that reinforces our core services and adds additional capabilities for our clients. And while you may not see them in the office every day, you might spot them at an occasional happy hour.

Culture Crew

At VSSL, we place a ton of emphasis on culture. And the culture crew is constantly coming up with new ways for our crew to connect. Booze cruises, a kickball league, tiki parties, and bowling are just some examples of how we hang outside of work. And we do our fair share of happy hours at work too.